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Elephone Anycharger

One charger for all devices ends your charging headaches.

Another Macbook Charger

Highly cost-effective charger applies to Macbook. When you leave the original charger somewhere else. Anycharger will charge your Mac safe and fast.

Best Notebook-mate

Anycharger can be highly useful in different occasions and applicable to over 90% brands of Notebooks, especially useful for those who have several notebooks from different brands. One device to solve the charging headaches, using original charger at home, and using Elephone Anycharger in office, during travelling, in a meeting, and etc.

Multiple USB ports

Anycharger equips 3 USB port, one for quick charging working with current of 2Amps and 5V, 9V, 12V supplies; another 2 ports providing normal charging working with 2Amps and 5 volts supplies.
Moreover, there is a port applicable to notebooks working with current of 4.74Amps and 19 volts supply.

One charger for 4 devices

Charging notebooks, smartphones, Tablet PC at the same time, a single device to solve your charging headaches, that’s Elephone Anycharger.

Quich Charge 2.0

Quich Charge 2.0 is built to quickly charger your device, with stronger compatibility and higher power conversion.
Anycharger will automatically recognize android devices, and quickly charge it with a speed up to the original one. What’s more, it supports charging ipad/iPhone and other Apple devices at full speed, which makes Elephone Anycharger another original charger for all devices.

Multi-protection offered, safe and reliable

Anycharger offers multi-protection programs, safe and reliable due to its 90 processes of strict quality inspection, and intelligently built-in charging chipset. Moreover, It provides a great grip feel thanks to its professional CNC craftsmanship.
  • protection against under-voltage
  • protection against over-voltage
  • protection against Ligthing stroke
  • protection against overcurrent input
  • protection against ripple wave
  • protection against short-circuit
  • protection against High-temperature
  • protection against electromagnetism
  • protection against static electricity

Aluminum alloy body

Anycharger is made of Aluminum alloy, same material Macbook used, stronger than any plastic materials and most alloy steel.

CNC engraving tech makes it more gorgeours

For better user experience, we adopt advanced CNC engraving technology to create the most fashionable design for Anycharger and make it the best choice in this industry.

Skin-friendly case in 2 colors

Life is colorful, so is Anycharger, in black and white, to meet each individual’s needs.

Better grip feeling

Compare to other devices' edge. Anycharger is easier for one-hand operation.

Delicate in size

With pocket friendly size, you can just put Elephone Anycharger in your suitcase and no longer have to travel with a bag full of wires and adaptors.
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