Ele Enter Game2

5900 руб.
Not only it is for gaming, but also is applicable to daily use or official business,
EleEnter Game2 will be an best choice for you.
With exceptional tap handle feeling and dazzle vision lights, each detail and
design is just made for you.
Full color mechanical
Extreme n-key rollover
14 backlighting mode
Metal reinforcement
FN multi-key
Splash waterproof design

16.8 million magic lighting

Each key of EleEnter Game2 can be set into any color you want through software.Built in 14 lighting mode, give you more colors and multiple choices.

Metal keyboard cover processing

Applied with whole metal cover and unibody design of EleEnter Game2, it can bring solid performance and good impact resistance.
With solid workmanship, it is evident that it will give you more reliable support

Drive can be adjusted freely

Cool lighting mode can be allowed to chose any backlighting to fit your own style, also it can be set as sleep mode you need a rest.
Customizable keys setting give you a chance to DIY your favorite gaming setting with assign macro. The keyboard looks bright with delicate fluid color, creating your own keyboard freely.

Bicolor injection keycaps

The outer layer of keycap is applied with scrub injection, which is non-slip, durable. The touch feel will be perfect and it can be used for a long time without sweat. The inner layer is equipped with uniform light injection, so it will generate better luminous effect.

Mechanical keyboard representative---Keyclick

Pose better response feedback, lighter pressure trigger, stronger paragraph feeling. With the continuous heat of a mechanical keyboard, more and more office person fall in love with mechanical keyboard, regardless of professional gaming peripherals or a programming tool.

Trigger travel

Trigger Force

Key lifetime

sense of paragraph



60 million


Anti-ghosting keys of whole keyboard

Each key is composed of separate switch, triggering will be responded instantaneously no matter how many keys are pressed simultaneously. Reject the disturbance of key conflicts and enjoy smoother gaming experience.

Splash waterproof design

The raised buttons with suspension design of EleEnter Game2 can avoid water splashes effectively. When the water splash on the face of keyboard, it will be drained out through the hole on the buttom, so that the kayboard will be not damaged.

Unibody hands holder

Unibody hands holder will be more convenient for your carry.It will let you immersed in your game without fatigue, enjoying relaxing moments of the game.

More intimate detailed design

Anti - sliding bracket feet
Electrostatic magnetic ring protection
Gold - plated USB connector

Multi-function shortcut key combination

Combined with FN key, series of lighting control function key , gaming function key and multi-function shortcut key has been added.A variety of control on keyboard will be realized easily, making your handle more quick.