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Protect your hearing & Enjoy pure music

Active noise-canceIling intelligent HIFI headphone

Noise cancelling intelligently & Protect your hearing

Eliminate all kinds of mixed noises inside and outside the ear canal efficiently, no need to increase volume. Also it can let you hear the true voice,protect you ear and delay the aging of the hearing

Present stunning music quality with excellent noise-cancelling as well

Military-grade CASC863A chipset Strongest noise reduction

China Aerospace independent intellectual
property rights, military-grade CASC863A chipset

Smart noise-cancelling technology Powerful noise cancelling

Intelligent acquisition and transmission Scientific noise-cancelling

Noise Cancelling Graph

Intelligent frequency conversion to adapt environment & Superior energy-saving

Surpass noise-cancelling headphones at home and abroad

Noise Cancelling Scene

The cabin
engine noise Etc
environmental noise Etc
The subway
rail noise Etc
The bus
wheel noise Etc

Unique sound chamber structure

With stereo sound cavity design, it can expand the stereoscopic sensation of sound field and restore true audio details

High-performance acoustic sounding unit

Lithium beryllium alloy composite horn sounding unit with tri-band equalization fidelity, bring you ring iron experience

High fidelity audio curves & Good sound is visible

Yellow one is ELE Whisper audio curve
Red one is some well-known brands IE flagship model audio curve

Ergonomic design

ELE Whisper plug is made of oval structures with ergonomic design patent. It fits to your ear canal without pain feeling

·Oval structures, wear more comfortable

·No ear pressure & No background noise

More convenient with direct charge

Models support direct charge:Mate 8, Mate S, P8, Mate 7,Honor 7, Honor 6 Plus, more models will be supported later. Other brand smartphone can be connected with USB directly to charge

Pacifier-grade silicone ear plugs

Fitting of auricle, enjoying your music in a lateral position Three kinds of sizes with free replacement

Antioxidant gold-plated plug

High purity gold-plated plug, true lossless audio transmission. Full-sized, fully compatible with a variety of devices

Durable wire

Wire is durable and not easy to tangle,
soft and light, reducing stethoscope effect
Durable wire: Wire is durable, soft and light,
not easy to tangle, reducing stethoscope effect

Efficient filter to isolate dust

Fine nets can prevent dust and
other blockage effectively


Take you far away from the rumbling noise of the engine , feel peaceful private time

Traffic Noise

Shut out the annoying noises from bus, metro and car etc, decreasing the noise and letting yourself keep tranquil in a noisy neighbourhood
  • Picture of ELE Whisper
  • Picture of ELE Whisper
  • Picture of ELE Whisper
  • Picture of ELE Whisper
Модель: Whisper
Цвет: Серый/голубой
Тип ношения: In-Ear
Функции: Ответ на звонок,шумоподавление,HiFi
Диапазон: 10-20kHz
Сопротивление: 32Ом
Чувствительность: 113±3дБ/мВт
Пропускная способность: 20-4,000Hz
Снижение шума: 35дБ
Встроенный контроль: есть
Разъем: 3.5мм 
Подключение: Проводное
Длина: Около 1.2м
Сертификаты: CE,RoHs,FCC
Совместимость: мобильный телефон, компьютер, портативный медиа-плеер Тип ушка: полноразмерный
Емкость: 24мАч
Время работы: 25часов
Вес и размер
Вес продукта: 0.017кг
Вес упаковки: 0.110кг
Размер упаковки: 18x9x4 см
1 x Наушники
1 x Зарядный адаптер